Angle Grinder 1100W – 125mm (AGM1062S)

This powerful 1100W angle grinder is a two-hand model and has a disk diameter of 125mm. The guard has a quick release lock, that enables you to place it easily in the right position for the job. Because of the spindle lock and the supplied wrench is possible to replace grinding en cutting disk safely and easily. The lock-off safety switch provides optimal safety and can be operated left and right handed.

The robust designed side handle can easily be mounted in three positions for optimal control during grinding and cutting jobs. The machine is delivered with a wrench for fixing the cutting disk, an extra set with carbon brushes and equipped with a 3 meter rubber cable.

An angle grinder can be used for working with metal, stone or plastics. Depending on the type of disk this machine can be used for cutting or grinding. For example:

  • Grinding conduits in walls
  • Cutting of materials Cutting of wall, floor and terrace tiles
  • Grinding welds
  • Removal of rust
  • Shapening of knives and garden tools, for example lawnmower knives or spades
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    The 1100 Watt FERM AGM1062S is a powerful angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm and is very suitable for the grinding and deburring of metal (among others steel and aluminium) and sorts of stone. The protective cap has a quick release with which the cap can be placed quickly in the right position, dependant on the adjustment.

    The slim back handle and softgrip side handle make this powerful angle grinder very functional. The spindle lock and enclosed key stand for a quick, save and easy disc exchange. Thanks to the 3 Meter rubber cable you have a lot of space during the job.

    An angle grinder is used to treat metal, stone or plastic materials. Dependant on the disc, the machine can be used for grinding or deburring, for example:

    • Deburring of welds
    • Removing of rust
    • Grinding of tubes in walls
    • Cutting of materials
    • Grinding of wall, Floor and terrace tiles
    • Grinding of water pipes, bolts and aluminium window frames

    The FERM AGM1062S angle grinder is delivered with the following accessories:
    • Side handle
    • Spanner for disc exchange
    • Protective cap
    • Extra set of carbon brushes


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